Bienvenu, Welcome, Willkommen

Bienvenu, Welcome, Willkommen





Venice Voisin 


Venice is French, born in Montpellier in the south of France.


Self-taught, her first artistic loves were drawing, photography and music.


With photography she migrated to digital art, influenced by pop art, she made it art of choice for several years on the Côte d'Azur. She lived 11 years in Nice before leaving for Germany.

But the drawing, the need to paint animating her more and more, she took her brushes and put her first drawing on the canvas.

Currently she lives in Germany near Frankfurt am Main, she paints in her studio, series, large formats with knives and brushes.




When and how did you start digital art?

In 2004 with my phone and laptop. I was taking selfies and lots of photos of Nice and the surrounding area. Then I put them on my computer and had fun with the filters of a photo software I had. I started like that. I improved my technique and in 2005 I did my first exhibition in a bar with photos. I really liked to make portraits of people. Subsequently, I made more personal creations that I printed on various supports including canvas, dibond, wood.. See at Photos (Digital art) and Exhibitions.


You've always been self-taught, you did a lot of exhibitions so why now do you paint on canvas?


It's true, I had always been an artist since I was very young and I am self-taught. I didn't go to art or music school.



Digital art has taught me many things, to develop my artistic eye through photography and creation. At one point I mixed the two: I was printing on canvas and painting on top (see basquiat's portraits) but hey I felt like I was cheating a little. It was too easy.

 Then these pose the problem of the Unique (only one).With digital technology you can print and reprint endlessly. Or you have to destroy the original afterwards. in short too complicated.

But that was not the point.

I wanted to put my art on the canvas, to touch it, to see it, to feel it.. I was my first audience and I still am. It wasn't easy, I trained, I almost gave up, too hard. I learned a lot of things and stopped exhibiting to devote myself to my art and produce.
I choose good material to paint and I am quite proud of myself ! See at Home page.


I started digital art in Nice and painting in Germany!

That's how it is! That's life! In art Everyone has his way, the main thing is to start and it doesn't matter when!


What is your definition of art?


I was asked once and after a long reflection I found my quote on art and I love it :


"Art is the innocence of the soul "




To buy paintings,  exhibitions, artistic collaborations, visit to my painting studio 


You're welcome! Thank you!

Instagram : @venicebyvenice





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